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Eyecare Services

Alpine Eyecare Center carefully considers the needs of each patient. Our comprehensive optometrist services include:

    • Complete medical ocular assessment including glaucoma, macula, cataract, retina
    • Myopia Control to aid younger patients reduce their near-sighted progression
    • Emergency eye care including pink eye, painful and/or injured eyes
    • Management of diseases affecting the eyes and visual system
    • High-definition refraction with computerized assistance
    • On-site contact lens and eyeglass services
    • Treatment of dry, itchy or watering eyes
    • Eye Lash thickening with Latisse™
    • Eye lid cosmetic services
    • LASIK and PRK Evaluations and peri-operative exams

A Note To You, Our Valued Patient and Future Patients

Alpine EyeCare Center & I look forward to providing you with all your primary eye care and vision needs under one roof.  I have been fortunate to have been a practicing eye doctor in many different clinical situations.  Few cases surprise me, though I’m on the look-out!  I’d like to provide you with a list of current capabilities you can enjoy on-site:

Ocular Health Assessment

Glaucoma is often very misunderstood, even by other physicians.  Too many people attribute glaucoma to high eye pressure.  This is not always the case.  A patient may have elevated eye pressure and simply have ocular hypertension with no glaucomatous change.  Conversely, a patient may have normal or lower eye pressures and have a significant glaucoma process occurring, quietly robbing them of their vision.  What is glaucoma?  Simply stated, it is the faster than normal rate of loss of nerve fibers which compromise the optic nerve – that cable which communicates between the retina and the brain.  We can diagnose this process far earlier than most clinics and prevent your vision loss because we are equipped with both digital imaging and laser-assisted optical coherence tomography to immediately and painless measure your nerve fiber layers.  From this, a statistically accurate picture is made and your risk can be almost instantly assessed.

Cataracts happen.  We can give you a true, objective evaluation and present options.  We can  perform glare testing and contrast sensitivity analysis – few places do this.

Macular and retinal degenerations, holes and other defects.  Between the phenomenal optics of our binocular microscopes, doctor experience and three-dimensional computer-aided scans we can visualize defects less than one tenth of the thickness of a human hair!  I’d be happy to show you concerns or even normal pictures of your retina, macula, optic nerve – you name it!

Corneal assessments:  From advanced computerized topographical analysis to 35 times magnification of the most optically significant part of your eye, we have you covered.

Specialty Optometrist Services

Dry Eye:  The general term applied to a less than normal eye surface.  This can be due to many factors, either occurring one at a time or in concert with each other.  Systemic disorders such as Sogren’s disease, Thyroid disorders, endocrine disorders and a whole host of auto-immune disorders such as Lupus all can have a very negative effect on the fragile yet critical tear film coating your eyes.  Chronic inflammation has a very deleterious effect on the glands around the eyes and reduces their performance.  A poor tear film can be painful, causing eyes which are tearful, burning and feeling like an eyelash is always stuck under your lid.  Medications can adversely affect the normal-functioning tear layer as can environment.  People of all ages can suffer from environmental dry eye, especially in the higher, desert-like conditions along the Front Range and here in Boulder.  Throw in computer use where blink rates dramatically decline and we have the perfect storm for red, irritated eyes.  Walk into our Dry Eye Clinic for a multitude of options to make your eyes happier.

LASIK/PRK and other refractive surgeries:  I’d be happy to asses and discuss options for you if lifestyle and your wear of glasses / contact lenses are not agreeing.

Myopia Control:  There is currently an epidemic of younger people in the United States whom are continuously becoming more and more near-sighted.  Alpine EyeCare Center is fortunate to be working with some key experts so we may in turn provide study-supported solutions and reduce the upward trend in folks who’s prescriptions refuse to stabilize.

How you look: Lumps and bumps around the eyes don’t have to stay there.  Puffiness, drooping lids and thinned lashes can be dramatically improved.  Take advantage of our expertise and access to sub-specialists.  Let us keep you looking your best!

Yes, we do contacts!  We have a lens for every single need, prescription and recreational challenge.  We are proud to offer you the most competitive prices in contact lenses as well.

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Alpine Eyecare Center
Alpine Eyecare Center