Body-Eye Connection and Keeping Lean

You’ve tried several “sure-fire” diets.  You’ve kicked up your exercise regimen.  You’ve used at least several hacks to guarantee your weight loss.  Yet, that last ten pound increment on your scale won’t budge despite your best efforts.   We know that as your weight diminishes so does your caloric requirements.  Also, your metabolism lowers as your weight does.  What to do?

Recent studies and observations have revealed the following amazing ‘angles’ to weight loss should you wish a better way to achieve your goal.

  1. Training at altitude and outdoors will improve both your caloric expenditure (think wind resistance and terrain) and your mood.  Those who spend at least 7 days or more above 8,700 feet elevation were found to both eat less and lose an average of three pounds more than at lower elevations.  The thought is a hormone called leptin has higher levels at altitude which results in less over-eating.
  2. Sleep is key.  Those who have even an single night of poorer sleep will eat an extra 350 plus calories the next day!  Having two sleep deprived nights back to back can lead to alterations of your metabolism!  Respect your downtime.
  3. Gut bacteria benefit from green tea.  Apparently these polyphenols have a significant affect on gut-friendly bacteria.
  4. Forget counting calories.  Instead, focus on ingesting more plant-based nutrition which will in turn make you satiated sooner.  A fuller feeling person is less likely to over-eat.
  5. Post photos of your progress.  This leads to positive self-reinforcement and keeps you ‘honest’ in your goals.
  6. Strength training is key.  Yep, muscle may weigh more than fat however it will insure you burn more calories and keep fit.  It is even more important as we age.  Do not over-look the importance of building muscle.
  7. Studies show those who eat more of their calories earlier in the day versus later do better in the the long run.
  8. Psychology is so, so important.  Would you believe that people who perceived themselves as overweight were far more likely to gain more weight?  Yep.  A study in the International Journal of Obesity reinforced this odd perspective.  It is important to give yourself credit for the weight you have lost and to view yourself positively.  Love and respect yourself.  Be kind to yourself psychologically and you will be rewarded!
  9. Finally, relax.  Take a break if necessary.  In the same aforementioned journal it was found those men who took a two week break from dieting lost more weight in the longer view than those who plodded along.  So, take a break to simply maintain your weight.  Don’t fall backwards in to bad habits.  Simply keep status quo.

There!  No preaching or unpleasant crunches required.  Heed the above wisdom and surely you will obtain gains.  Believe it or nor, your eyes will also benefit.  I guarantee it!


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