About Us

Company Background

Alpine Eyecare Center is a locally owned and operated facility established by Dr. Chuck Beatty.  As the only stand-alone building of optometric practice in Boulder,  he is proud to have no corporate affiliation.  Dr. Beatty makes every effort to insure our facility serves as an integral part of the growing Boulder community.

Why Choose Alpine Eyecare?

  •  Offers the latest technology for accurate prescriptions, disease diagnosis and management
  •  Specializes in ocular surface disorders such as dry eye and corneal diseases/irregularities
  •  We support the community – active member of Boulder’s Chamber of Commerce
  •  Focuses on the ‘Whole patient concept’ of overall eye health and life-style
  •  Builds on 17+ years clinical experience and recognized expertise
  •  Provides easy access location with on-site parking

Check Out Our Reviews

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